Men Are Always Hard to Figure Out For Me, How Do I Understand Them Read These Tips Right Now

Men are a mystery to many women. For those who feel they have a lot of trouble with relationships communication may be the issue. In order to communicate and understand men you need to be able to communicate properly with them.

Men are Visual
Where women like to hear certain things and feel certain things. Men like to see them. This is part of the reason that strip clubs for women aren’t all that popular.

Most Men have Female FriendsĀ 
This can be extremely difficult to accept for women with self esteem issues but it is a part of life. There are some men who refuse to talk to females other than their partner but they are the exception rather than the rule. Men like to have someone to talk to about the deeper aspects of life than football and boobs. Being cool about a female friend will make you seem a lot more attractive.

Men are Not Mind Readers
Men tend to think differently than women and they are not yet able to read our minds. For this reason a lot of the things that are upsetting us may never cross a man’s mind in a million years. If your man is doing something to bother or upset you it is important to let him know before it builds into something you can’t control.

Never Smother a Man
Men do not take well to feeling trapped and smothered. It is good for a relationship if you spend time a part with your own friends. Giving your man the space he needs to be himself will benefit the relationship for a long time.

Men Cheat for Emotional Reasons Too
In our society we tend to think men only cheat because they are ravenous sexual beasts who can’t control themselves but excuse women for seeking emotional support in affairs. The truth is that most affairs as well as sex addictions can be linked back to some sort of emotional emptiness. Be available and understanding to the feelings of your mate. This will go a long way toward avoiding infidelity.

Men like Self ConfidenceĀ 
Though men tend to be the dominant figure in relationships, well adjusted men, crave women who can hold their own. They want you to be confident in yourself outside of them.

Men Equate Clothing with Sex
Right along the lines as visual thought, men equate clothing with sex. If you are wearing pajamas and over sized shirts everyday you aren’t going to appear sexually interested to a man. If you dress in sexy form fitting clothes men are more likely to feel that you want them.

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