Hair Loss in Men & Women – Find Out the Difference Between Hair Loss For Men and Women

Almost all of you must have encountered some form of hair problems and would be well aware of the perils of hair loss. Whenever you see some extra hair falling off your head, you panic and get concerned about the potential and most disturbing after effect: baldness. No one, be it a woman or man wants to undergo the terrible experience of facing baldness and embracing old age before time. Due to constant study in this regard, experts have found out ways to keep your hair from falling down. However, the first step in preventing your hair from falling down is to know the root cause. It is important to know that there may be different reasons for hair problems in men and women.

Hair loss is one of the most common problems encountered by men and women in all parts of the world. Each year millions of men and women fall victim to this condition and undergo a disturbing phase of watching their hair fall off the head. Despite the fact that this problem does not pose any threats to the body, the after effect of the condition is much worse. Hair thinning does not merely mean that you lose your hair; it is a problem that makes you feel under confident, depressed, inferior and scared. A lot of people also are known to come to terms with the old age long before they are actually old. Rejection, low personality file and unattractiveness are usually attributed to hair problems. What has made matters worse is the constant advertisement of hair products that promote the idea that it is a shame to have falling hair.

But the good thing is that you can control your falling hair at any stage. Usually people think that by employing any treatment available in the market, they can control their hair problems in a matter of days. Controlling hair issues can take some time and you need to be careful about your overall health and diet. It should be kept in mind that hair problems may be related to some other health issue or underlying cause and, in such case, cannot be controlled unless and until that issue is directly addressed. For instance, if you are facing hair thinning because of excessive smoking, no matter how much attention you pay to your diet, you cannot stop hair from falling unless you quit smoking. The diabetic patients need to pay attention to their ailment and use treatments that will prevent their hair from falling. For this matter, cure is not possible for the falling hair unless the cause is addressed.

According to certain statistics, there are more than 6 million men who are facing baldness due to hair problems. This number is constantly increasing, as many of the men are not aware of the reasons of falling hair. Men usually face hair thinning due to the over production of DHT, smoking, old age, stress, pollution, diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of sleep, dandruff and genetics.

Women on the contrary may have different reasons for hair problems. These include menopause, fungal infection, medications, stress, anxiety, DHT, lack of minerals and vitamins, low immunity, skin disorders and lowered thyroid hormone levels.

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