Dental Air Purifiers

Why Dentists Should be Utilizing Dental Air Purifiers

Because many of us have been out of business for so long due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting many medical office buildings, dental office buildings specifically out of business, there are many people who need cleaning and check-ups.

The only problem is doing work all day and not knowing what could be in the air due to the number of patients you have to clean. Although, there is a solution for you as a dentist to ensure your office stays clean from any droplets of your patient’s fluids in the air. That’s why we are recommending a dental air purifier for you to use in order to keep your clinic clean and safe.

What is a Dental Air Purifier?

A Dental Air Purifier is a piece of tech that is used to filter out any unwanted air particles that are left hanging in the air. One specific for Dentists to use is the HEPA air filtering system. (High-efficiency particulate air mechanical filter)Why would my office need one?

Well, you should have one. But, the main reason why your office should have a HEPA air filtering system in the office is that you may not how well your patients are doing. They could have COVID particles flying around the office spreading infections.

As dentists, it’s important to know how to keep your patients and yourself safe in order to prevent infections and spread from occurring inside the dental office.

There are also other reasons why you should have an air filter in your office.


As a dentist, it’s important to keep any dust particles away from your operating station. And when grinding fine particles together such as your patient’s teeth, you are creating a cloud of dust in the room which could cause potential problems for your patient.


During procedures in the operating room, dentists release many chemicals in the air. For instance, the compounds which are found in the chemicals used daily can cause some form of damage or harm to your staff/assistants. Another instance could be when doing amalgam fillings. The chemical that is released when doing this would be Mercury which is an unwanted chemical.


This the most important one of all currently as a dentist. Again, as I said before, we are recovering from the Pandemic. Your patients are as well and hopefully, most of them have been quarantining. But, at this time, there will probably be people who come into the office with the disease without knowing it and being asymptomatic. So, it wouldn’t be good to breathe the same air as your patients.

It can even be bad for the people who haven’t been infected yet to get infected with the air that has COVID-19 particles hanging. So, it really helps to have an air purifier in the office for the sake of reducing infection.


To conclude, an air filter is helpful to have. It can reduce exposure to chemicals, aerosols, and COVID-19.

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