What Kind Of Facelift Should You Get

Many people who want to do facelift does not know all the possibilities they have. There are surgery procedures, those with minimal intervention, and non-invasive procedures. All of these treatments have different results and duration periods, so make sure to visit your doctor and find out which procedure will best for you.

Classical facelift procedure

This is a surgical procedure, usually done under general anesthesia. If the intervention is smaller, it can also be done with local anesthetic or sedatives. Facelift surgery can last from two to five hours, and it is done in specialized clinics or hospitals.

During the procedure, the doctor will make an incision from your ear, and it will be extended into your hair, or even scalp if it’s necessary. You can discuss the technique with your doctor, and the well-done procedure will not leave visible scars. The skin will be lifted and excess parts will be removed. Sometimes, the deeper tissue will also be tightened if you want to.

Ulthera facelift

For people who don’t want to deal with surgical procedures, this non-invasive procedure is perfect. It is done with an ultrasound device that works by emitting the ultrasound waves which will be penetrated in the deeper levels of your skin. These waves will stimulate your collagen production which will lead to tighter and smoother skin.

What Kind Of Facelift Should You Get

Ultrasound waves will stimulate your collagen production

Because there is no need for anesthetics, you will be able to return to your everyday activities right after the treatment. This effective ulthera facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the treated area. During the treatment, you will feel heating sensation and the treating areas can be jawline, chin, brow, and neck.

Silhouette soft lift

This procedure is somewhere in the middle, as it is minimally invasive. It is also known as the Thread lift procedure, where little threads are used to lift the sagging skin. The general anesthetic is not necessary, but to remove every discomfort, the doctor can use local anesthetics. Little incisions will be made and through them, threads will be inserted to lift the skin and make it smoother.

Silhouette soft lift

Lift your skin with minimal intervention

While during the classical facelift the doctor will remove the excess skin, during the thread lift procedure the doctor will not remove the skin. That is why recovery after this procedure is much faster than after the classical facelift surgery. The great news is that your results will only get better over time, as your skin will constantly produce new collagen.

This process can last for a few months, while final results can last from one year to two years. Getting silhouette soft lift in Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give your face a new smoother and tighter look, making you look generally younger.

Final word

Each of these procedures has its positive and negative sides. So do your research and consult with a doctor to find the best solution.

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