Answers For Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating, & Un-Healthy Food Choices

When you set a goal or commit to a purpose you may feel overwhelming intimidation. I have found this in my own personal experiences in dealing with my diet and my non healthy food choices. Making an inner goal about food scared me because deep in my subconscious mind, I believed I did not deserve good or a successful goal. The best way to process this type of fear is to develop trust in your gut instincts and follow their direction. For many years, I silenced my fears by compulsive overeating or binge eating on sweets and carbohydrates. Then I felt bad or guilty, which caused me to fall deeper into binging, gaining weight, and used these feelings like a stick to beat myself up while confirming to myself that I was unworthy of achieving my goals.

I share this with you for two reasons. The first reason is because I believe that you can relate to my story and my experience. The second reason is when I was researching the material for this article I asked myself a question. The question is, how I could write to you about this subject. I found that the answer is always found within the question. You have the answers to any problem that you might have. Think about that for a moment. I know that statement caused me to stop and pause when I first heard it. Ever since then, I have been testing that statement; that the answer is always found within the question. I have written several articles sharing the process of catching answers.

When I finally got to my breaking point, I asked Higher Power to help me establish healthy food choices and my food boundaries. Well, the answer was within the question. The answer was I had to surrender my ego; or I call my ego that part of my mind that wants to do whatever it wants without thinking about the consequences or my over all well- being. Another way to look at the ego is reading it as an acronym that says, ‘Easing-God-Out’.

The following questions are for you to answer and look for the answer within the question. The driving force behind boundaries with food is the desire. The following questions are designed to help you gain insight so that you can build a stronger and stronger desire. So let’s begin. Take a piece of paper or use a journal and write the following questions along with your answers. After answering them, share your questions and answers with a supportive friend or therapist.

1. Ask yourself, “When did you experience knowing that it was the right thing to do; while realizing what is right is also good for you. Did this help you do the right thing? Be specific.
2. Where are you when it comes to boundaries? Do you understand setting and maintaining is right?
3. How often does your pain help you see that something is good for you? How has your pain added to your realization that boundaries are good for you?
4. Ask yourself, “Why should I expect to have to fight for my growth?”
5. What specific things do you think or believe you have to do to work out or work on your spiritual consciousness of yourself-image?

Yes, you desire a better relationship with your food, a healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle. However, it doesn’t just magically happen without some work. We often in today’s world think that world owes us an immediate gratification. This doesn’t work. Because when we start doing boundary work with food we will begin to deal with a war like situation. There will be skirmishes, battles, disputes, and losses. Please read question four again.

What can help, is to say to yourself, “I am worth it because my Higher Power loves me. I am Soul.” I have another very important tip to empower you, and to help you have spiritual insight, but it doesn’t come overnight. You have to develop it like any other skill or muscle. So what I’m going to share is a word that you can chant or sing that can help uplift you, calm you, and help you gain spiritual insight. It is the word that is an ancient word for God. Sing it with love and with reference. Look for the light, and listen for the inner sounds of all life. The word is HU in hu-man.

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